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20th APRIL 2014 – YEAR A



MASS BOOK:  Easter Vigil: Page 216; Sunday: Page 251

PREFACE:                        Page 74  1 of Easter


MYSTERY OF FAITH:      When we eat this bread …


Liturgies For The Week

Sat:   8:15 pm - Easter Vigil of the Lord’s Resurrection

Sun:  9:00 am - Connie Murray

        10:30 am - People of St Peter’s

Mon: 10.00am - Michael Dee

Tue:   9:30 am - Celebration of the Word & Communion

Wed:  7:30 pm - Celebration of the Word & Communion

Thu:   9.30 am - Celebration of the Word & Communion

Fri:   10:00 am - Funeral Prayers for

                           Anthony Robert Raymond Randell

           7:30 pm - Celebration of the Word & Communion

Sat:    6:30 pm - Biagio Campanaro

Sun:   9:00 am - People of St Peter’s

         10:30 am - Teresa Houghton (UCM)


Sacrament of Reconciliation:

     Wednesday:      None this week

     Saturday:           None this week

Children’s Liturgy:  None this week

Sunday teaching:   None this week                                                                                                       

Prayer Meeting:      None this week

Holy Hour:         None this week

Refreshments:   After 10:30 am Mass in Parish Hall

Rosary:              Wednesday 7:10 pm

‘Coffee Stop’:    Thursday 10:00 to 11:30 in Parish Hall

S V P:                Friday at 6:45 pm in the Sacristy

Youth Group:     None this week


Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Maria Gudz, Denis Canty, Charles Corp, Caroline Moore, Jeremy Knighton, Fitzgerald, Patrick Jordan, Fernley Wyatt, Betty Bromley, Blonislawa Orlowska and June O’Donnell.  May they rest in peace.


PLEASE REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Angela, Carol, Sheila, Pauline, Joanne, Colette, Anne, Peter, Elaine, Michael, Eloise, Claudia & family, Silma, Cyril & Noel, Pauline, Olive, Dave, Carol, Ita, Gerald, Nora, Phyllis & Arthur, Gary, Harry, Stephen, Sid, Nellie, Bernie, Ryan, Ruth, Susan, Joe, Michelle, Lexie, Henry, Barbara, Ian, Bridget, Sue, Christine, Tapela family, Papa family, Jim & family, Laver family, Jennifer, Tony, Peter, Chris, Simon, Margaret, Catherine, Yvonne, Tony, baby Emily and baby Jack.


OFFERTORY: Last week’s collection amounted to £767.70 Thank you.



Will be taken at all Masses this weekend.


“THE KEYS”  Available at back of Church. Please take a couple & distribute to friends and family.


KNOWING YOUR FAITH: This series of sessions, which is planned to start after Easter, is intended to help us to deepen our knowledge of our faith in various areas. Please fill in a questionnaire at the back of the Church  and pop it into the box marked “THE KEYS”.


DIVINE MERCYSUNDAY: Divine Mercy Sunday is on April 27th and there will be prayers with Benediction at 3 pm.




We offer you a warm welcome and if you are a UK taxpayer and are intending to put money in the collection, please consider using a Gift Aid envelope - they can be put in the collection bag or, if you need time to complete the information needed, in the box at the back of the Church. Thank you!


UNION OF CATHOLIC MOTHERS:  Our next meeting in the Hall Lounge will be on Wednesday April 23rd at 7:30 pm. As that date is St. George's Day we thought it would be fun to do a "British Citizenship" Quiz. Any ladies of the Parish will be given a warm welcome (and a cup of tea/coffee is always included!).


FEAST OF ST GEORGE: Is transferred to Monday April 28th.


FAMILY MASS INFORMATION : In response to the recent survey, there will be a Family Mass once a month

Sunday, 11th May

Sunday, 8th June

Sunday, 13th July

Sunday, 14th September

Sunday, 12th October

Sunday, 9th November

Sunday, 14th December


Enthusiastic singers of all ages are invited to take part in a practice on either Thursday 8th May or Friday 9th May at 6.30pm - 7.15pm in the Church to learn the hymns for the first Mass in order to lead the congregation.


ATTENTION - ALL EUCHARISTIC MINISTERS: The current rota will shortly be coming to an end. The new rota will run from May 3rd until July 27th. Please can you let me know any dates you are NOT available. The new rota will be distributed on the weekend of 26th\27th April. Thank you - Teresa Samples.


WANTED: Baby/toddler board books (non-noisy!) for use at family Mass. Also, bible story books for children up to 8 years of age. Kindly put into the box at the back of church.


NORES SUMMER SCHOOL: Sharing the Joy of the Gospel. July 24th to 26th at the RE and Pastoral Centre, Luton. See noticeboard for full details.


THE VINE: Please pick up your free copy of the April edition of the Diocesan newspaper.


OUR SYMPATHY: Is extended to the bereaved family of Anthony Randell.  May he rest in peace.


PLEASE PRAY :for the repose of the soul of Mrs Catherine Browne who died on Sharnbrook House on 14th April. May she rest in peace.


LIVING FAITH: Daily reflections on the readings quarterly booklet, April to June, price 60p.


CELL GROUP: Meets this Tuesday, April 29th at 7:30 pm in the Sacristy beginning with Adoration at 7 pm.


NATIONAL PRO-LIFE MASS: on Thursday 27 May, 7.30 pm, at St Joseph’s Church. Bishop John Sherrington, auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, will be the celebrant.



None during the week until this Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm.


THANK YOU !  to all who have carried out various ministries in Lent, Holy week & Easter this year. As a Parish, we are blessed to have so many people giving of their time & effort, and their prayerfulness in all the Church celebrations.  And so I ….

Wish you all a Holy and Happy Easter    -    Fr Joe.