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14th FEBRUARY 2016 – YEAR C




MASS BOOK:                    Page 153

PREFACE:       Page 71    The Temptation of the Lord

EUCHARISTIC PRAYER:  Page 24   Number 2

MYSTERY OF FAITH:       Save us, Saviour of the World…


Liturgies For The Week


Sat:     6:30pm - Nunziata Barone

Sun:  11:00am - People of St Peter’s

Mon:  10:30am - Funeral Prayers for Veronica Anne


Tue:    9:30am - J. Carter

Wed:   7:30pm - Robert Hardie

Thu:    9.30am - Peter Stidon

Fri:     12 noon - Funeral Mass for Elizabeth (Lily) Riddle

Sat:     6:30pm - Baby Matthew Herron

Sun: 11:00 am - People of St Peter’s


Sacrament of Reconciliation:

     Wednesday:      After the 7:30pm Mass

     Saturday:           From 11am to 11:30am

Children’s Liturgy for 4-8 year olds:  None today

Sunday Teaching:  None today                                                       

Holy Hour:         Adoration starts at 10am

Refreshments:  After 11am Mass in the Parish Hall

Rosary:             Wednesday 7:10pm

‘Coffee Stop’:    Thursday 9:30 to 11:00 in Hall Lounge

St Vincent de Paul:  Friday at 6:30pm in the Sacristy.


Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur at this time. Margaret Hodby, Patrick Dacey, Thomas Peters, Anthony Clarke, Francis McMahon, Murray Edwards, Bertie Trott, Urszula Gasuliewicz, Kenneth Bailey, Delane Aldridge, Peter Swords. May they rest in peace.


PLEASE REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Nigel, Joan, Peter D, Frank, Catherine, Tony, Peter W, John, Eileen, Gary, Stephen, Peter, James, Tashi & family, Bob, Gill, Robin, June, Sophie, Neil, Silma, Cyril, Eloise, Claudia, Fleurette, Christine, Kenny, Mary, Vick, Jon, Eileen, Joshy, Nan and Jeril & family.


OFFERTORY: Last week’s collection amounted to £583.33. Thank you.


STATIONS OF THE CROSS: Will be on Fridays at 7pm during Lent.


PROCLAIM ‘15 – PARISH EVANGELISATION: The Sion Community is running what is called an “activate” weekend on March 18th to 20th. This is a weekend, which it has devised in response to Proclaim '15, for existing or emerging Parish Evangelisation Teams covering : the content of the Gospel Message; an overview of the theology of the New Evangelisation; vision development relevant to the team; basic leadership skills that are helpful; practical skills, such as sharing personal testimony.

For more information, please contact Mike Gibbons on 01933 651339 or email



We offer you a warm welcome and if you are a UK taxpayer and are intending to put money in the collection, please consider using a Gift Aid envelope - they can be put in the collection bag or, if you need time to complete the information needed, in the box at the back of the Church.

Thank you!


OUR SYMPATHY IS EXTENDED: To the bereaved families of Lily Riddle and Veronica Haddon whose funerals take place this week. May Lily and Veronica Anne rest in peace.


THE RITE OF ELECTION: Takes place this afternoon at the Cathedral when two of our parish candidates, Nizandro Aliu Camanque and Juliano Aliu Camanque, will be taking part in preparation for Baptism and reception into the church.


CAFOD LENT FAST DAY: Is next Friday, February 19th. Today we welcome Tom O’Connor of CAFOD who will be speaking at the end of Mass regarding CAFOD Lent 2016.


LOURDES: If you are interested in going to Lourdes with the local HCPT group from July 8th-15th, please contact Richard on 01933 313456 for further details.


UNION OF CATHOLIC MOTHERS: Next meeting will be on Wednesday February 24th at 7:30pm in the Hall Lounge. It will be a Social Evening. All ladies of the parish are very welcome.


WOMEN'S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER: Women's World Day of Prayer will take place on Friday March 4th at 2pm. The Service will be held at High Street Wesleyan Church in their church hall. The Service this year has been prepared by the women of Cuba and it promises to be a very thought provoking service as well as a colourful one. We urge as many ladies of our parish as well as gentlemen to attend.


WORKS OF MERCY: This week we reflect on the next two Spiritual Works of Mercy; admonish sinners and comfort the afflicted.


THE CHRISTIAN MOTORCYCLISTS ASSOCIATION: Is holding their annual meeting this year in Rushden over the weekend of April 15th-17th. Meetings and services will be held at the Salvation Army church. On Saturday the 16th at 1:30pm there will be a worship service to which we are all invited. The cyclists, who will be coming from all parts of the UK, will need accommodation and the local branch has asked if people in individual churches in Rushden can offer a bed or two for April 15th and 16th. There will not be a need for hosts to provide food, as this will be provided by the Association at the Salvation Army Hall. If you can offer any accommodation in your house, please contact Keith Sanders from the Wesleyan Church


PASTORAL AREA COMMUNAL RITE OF RECONCILIATION: Will be celebrated on the Monday of Holy Week, March 21st at 7pm at the cathedral and will be led by Bishop Peter. There will also be the opportunity to visit the cathedral’s Holy Door in this Jubilee Year of Mercy.


24 HOURS OF ADORATION: Will be held at St Edmund Campion, Henshaw Road, Wellingborough from 12 noon on Friday, March 4th to 12 noon on Saturday, March 5th.


‘THE VINE’ Please take a copy of the February edition of your free Diocesan newspaper from the back of church.



Sunday 5pm to 8:45pm; Monday: None; Tuesday: 10am to 7pm; Wednesday: 10am to 6:30pm; Thursday 11:45am to 7pm; Friday: 3:30pm to 6:30pm; Saturday: 2pm to 5:30pm.