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29th November 2015 – YEAR C




MASS BOOK:  Page 82

PREFACE:       Page 65 Advent 1


MYSTERY OF FAITH:  Save us, Saviour of the world …


Liturgies For The Week


Sat:     6:30pm - Clorindo & Zelinda Muccillo

Sun:  11:00am - Margaret Skelding

Mon: 10:00am - No Liturgy today

           7:00pm - Pastoral Area Mass at St Gregory’s,

                          Northampton for the Faithful Departed

Tue:    9:30am - No Mass today

Wed:   7:30pm - The Faithful Departed

Thu:    9:30am - Canning family

Fri:      7:30pm - The Faithful Departed

Sat:     6:30pm - Maureen Gaffney

Sun:    7:50am - Mass in Polish

          11:00am - People of St Peter’s

Sacrament of Reconciliation:

Wednesday:      After 7:30pm Mass

Saturday:          From 11am to 11:30am

Children’s Liturgy for 4-8 year olds: During 11am Mass

First Communion Class: 10:15am to 10:45am Sunday

Holy Hour:         None this week

Refreshments:  After 11:00am Mass in the Parish Hall

Rosary:            Wednesday at 7:10pm           

Coffee Stop:    Thursday 10am to 11:30am, Hall Lounge

St Vincent de Paul:  None this week

Youth Club Juniors: None this week

Youth Club Secondary: None this week


Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur at this time: Marianna Rydelski, Mary Edwards, Owen Beirne, Joseph Stolywo, Gladys Hogan, Doreen Skelding, Francesca Pilcher, Eric Mather-Franks, Harold George, Langina Borzym, Charlotte Craft, Joseph Finnerty, Mary Brown, Margaret Vickers, Albert Turicchi, Emily Berrill, Hilda Baker and William FitzGerald. May they rest in peace.


PLEASE REMEMBER IN PRAYER: Nigel, Nellie, Joan, Peter D, Frank, Catherine, Tony, Albert, Peter W, Eloise, Claudia, Fleurette, Emilie, Sophie, Neil, Annie, the Vallet family, Noel, Gini, Lili, Sylvia, Tuval, Amy, Matthew, Jessie, Marlene, Julia, the Skilton family, Anne, George, Liz, Joshy & family, Jims & family, Bernice, Nelia, Mary Vic, John, Eileen, Johanna, Justo, Riyo, Joaquin, Daisy, Susan, Joan, James, Bob, Sue, Alphord, Vicky, Tom, Rasmi and Jose & family.


OFFERTORY: Last week’s collection amounted to £502.03. Thank you.


PARISH DIARIES: For 2016 are available free of charge from the back of church.


PRAYER MINISTRY: Our Prayer Ministry team will be available at the end of 11am Mass on Sunday December 6th. If you feel that you would like prayer for any reason please come to them or indicate that you would like them to come to you.


We offer you a warm welcome and if you are a UK taxpayer and are intending to put money in the collection, please consider using a Gift Aid envelope - they can be put in the collection bag or, if you need time to complete the information needed, in the box at the back of the Church. Thank you!


YOUTH CLUB: Friday 11th December is the Christmas Party evening from 7 to 8:30pm and will be the last meeting of the year.


CHILDREN’S ROSARY PRAYER GROUP: Will meet on Saturday December 5th at 3pm in church. Refreshments will be available in the Hall Lounge afterwards.


UNION OF CATHOLIC MOTHERS: Our next meeting will be on Wednesday December 9th. A Christmas House at Janet O'Leary’s, 88 Wymington Road. Please arrive at 7pm for Mass to start at 7:30pm.


SVP GIVING TREE: Available this weekend. Please take one or more labels and bring back the item over the next two weekends.


MONTHLY POUND: The draw for November takes place this weekend. Winners for October were: 1st E. Bartlett, no. 163 ~ £32.00; 2nd J. Lavin, no. 153 ~ £20.00; and 3rd L. Gower, no. 43 ~ £10.00. £62.00 went to the Parish.  December’s draw should take place the weekend of December 19th/20th. God bless. Stuart.


DON'T FORGET THE KEYS!  The deadline for the Christmas issue is Sunday December 13th. Contributions or letters to the editor or any other communication should be sent to or placed in the box marked “The Keys” at the back of the Church.


CHRISTMAS STOCK: Of cards, calendars etc. Is now available from the Repository at the back of church.


THE MATTHEW COURSE: Continues on Thursdays at 1-3pm and 7-9:30pm every week in the Church Hall. Please feel free to drop in and sample a session anytime.


LUX RETREAT: We are now collecting names of secondary school age young people for the next Lux Retreat to be held from January 29th -31st 2016. If you are interested, please contact Monica on 01933 396986. Any contributions to support this venture would be gratefully received.


WORLD YOUTH DAY – POLAND 2016: Takes place in Krakow from Friday July 22nd to Monday August 1st. It is a pilgrimage for 16-30 year olds. £820 per person including insurance, WYD fees, Travel, food and accommodation.

If you are thinking of attending please book your place as soon as possible by visiting  or call 01582 720 627 to find out more. To sponsor a young person text ‘KWYD16 £10’  or go online.


‘THE VINE’: Please collect the December issue of your free Diocesan newspaper from the back of church.


FEAST DAY MASS:  Of Our Lady of Guadalupe is on December 12th at St Joseph’s Church, Brereton Road, Bedford at 7:30 pm. We hope that the Home Shrine families will join us along with friends and fellow parishioners.


NO ADORATION: In Church on Mondays for the next several weeks. No Adoration on Tuesday, December 1st.



Sunday: 1:30pm to 9:30pm; Monday: None; Tuesday: None; Wednesday: 10am to 6:30pm; Thursday 11:45am to 7pm; Friday: 10am to 7pm; Sat: 1:30pm to 5:30pm.